Free Lobivia Backebergii Plants

lobivia backebergii plant
If cared for correctly, the Lobivia will reward the owner with a spectacular display of colourful flowers, quite out of proportion to the diminutive plant that bears them. Although the individual flowers do not last very long, they are produced in succession and the display may last for several weeks. The appeal ofthe plant is further enhanced by the fact that the flowers open in the morning and close in the evening. Particular care should be taken with watering, as too much water can quite easily cause root rot followed by the loss of the plant. This is especially important during the winter when the plant is dormant.

Plant type : Flowering cactus with globular habit
Season of interest : Late spring and summer
Size : 7.5-10cm (3—4in)
Flower : Rayed petals forming red flowers, 2.5-5cm (1 -2in), produced late spring/summer
Leaf : Globular, ribbed, green stem becoming more cylindrical with age
Temperature : 10-28°C (50—82°F)
Aspect/Light : Well-lit situation in full sun
Humidity : Low
Watering : Evenly moisten compost in spring and summer, allowing to dry a little before re-watering; provide only sufficient to prevent dehydration in autumn and winter
Feeding : Once every two to three weeks with half strength flowering plant fertilizer in spring and summer
Propagation : Carefully tease apart offsets and pot in cactus and succulent compost at 20-22°C (68—72°F) in spring and summer
Potting : Cactus and succulent compost
Problems : Mealy bug, root mealy bug, root rot from over-watering
Availability : Occasionally available spring and early summer
Uses indoors : Windowsill or conservatory display on its own or as part of a collection
Other varieties : L hertrichiana - slightly larger; red flowers