Free Sedum Rubrotinctum Plants

acalypha hispida plant
An unusual plant with foliage that changes colour from green to a reddish pink. The flowers are not spectacular, but the plant is quite hardy and can be displayed outside during the summer to expose it to as much sunlight as possible. In autumn it should be brought back indoors again before any cool and damp conditions cause problems. Care should be taken with watering at all times, as excessive moisture can cause stem and root rot, resulting in the loss of the plant. The Sedum is best when it is kept low-growing and compact, as it can look untidy if the stems are allowed to become leggy.

Plant type : Succulent with upright, bushy habit
Season of interest : All year round
Size : 10-15cm (4—6in)
Flower : Yellow, rarely produced indoors, in spring
Leaf : Sausage shaped, 1 -2cm (3/8-3/4in), glossy, fleshy, green with red tinges
Temperature : 10-28°C (50-82°F)
Aspect/Light : Full sun
Humidity : Low
Watering : Evenly moisten compost in spring and summer, allowing to dry a little before re-watering; keep on drier side in autumn and winter
Feeding : Once a month with half strength flowering plant fertilizer in spring and summer
Propagation : Remove 5cm (2in) tip cuttings in mid to late spring and leave to dry for a couple of days, then insert in cactus and succulent compost at 20-22°C (68—72°F)
Potting : Cactus and succulent compost
Problems : Stem and root rot
Availability : Occasionally available all year round
Uses indoors : Bowl or hanging basket plant in window