Free Aeschynanthus Speciosus Plants

acalypha hispida plant
The Aeschynanthus is a superb plant for the enthusiast who favours vibrant colours, as it is a blaze of colour for many weeks whilst in flower. The life ofthe flowers is actually quite short, but as they are produced in succession, with each flower taking a while to mature fully before it finally fades and drops off, the interest is prolonged for some time. With its semi-trailing habit the plant is effective in a hanging basket, on a pedestal or when grown on a table or other piece of furniture. Whilst good light is essential, the Aeschynanthus should not be exposed to direct sunlight, as the leaves can turn yellow. Conversely, ifthe plant is not given enough light it will become weak and will be unlikely to flower.

Plant type : Flowering plant with semi-trailing habit
Season of interest : Summer
Size : 10-15cm (4—6in) high, with 30-45cm (12 —18in) trails
Flower : Tube-like, 5-7.5cm (2—3in) long, bright orange with orange and yellow centre
Leaf : Pointed oval, 5-7.5cm (2—3in) long, green, fleshy
Temperature : 15-2TC (59-70°F)
Aspect/Light : Well-lit situation, out of direct sunlight
Humidity : High
Watering : Keep compost evenly moist in summer when plant is in flower; allow to dry a little between waterings at other times
Feeding : Half strength flowering plant fertilizer every three to four weeks in spring and summer
Propagation : Plant 7.5-10cm (3—4in) tip or stem cuttings in seed and cutting compost at 21°C (70°F) in spring and summer
Potting : Houseplant potting compost
Problems : Mealy bug, aphid
Availability : Occasionally available late spring to early summer
Uses indoors : Excellent hanging basket plant, or pedestal or wall pot plant
Other varieties : A. lobbianus- bright red flowers