Free Heptapleurum Arboricola Plants

The Heptapleurum is a useful foliage plant that can grow quite tall and statuesque, without taking up too much room widthways. Also, it does not tend to look as straggly as some plants do. The relatively compact foliage, consisting of leaflets held in a ray formation on semi-erect leafstalks, helps to produce a plant of almost columnar habit. The effect can be enhanced by growing more than one plant in a pot, but generally a single plant grown well can suffice. A more compact, variegated form, H. a. ‘Geisha Girl’, is very useful for its tidier habit and appealing rounded leaves. All Heptapleurum species can'be somewhat ‘whippy’, as they have supple stems that flex and bend easily. It may therefore be prudent to use a stake to ensure that the stem grows vertically.

Plant type : Foliage plant with erect habit
Season of interest : All year round
Size : 100-250cm (39 — 98in)
Flower : None
Leaf : Seven to ten leaflets, 7.5-10cm (3—4in), green, radiating evenly around leaf stem
Temperature : 18-21°C (65-70°F)
Aspect/Light : Well-lit situation
Humidity : Moderate
Watering : Evenly but barely moisten compost in spring and summer, allowing to dry a little before re-watering; keep on drier side in autumn and winter
Feeding : Once every two weeks with houseplant fertilizer in spring and summer
Propagation : Plant 7.5-10cm (3—4in) tip and stem cuttings in seed and cutting compost at 21 °C (70°F) in mid to late spring
Potting : Houseplant potting compost
Problems : Red spider mite, aphid, mealy bug, root mealy bug, leaf loss from over-watering or draughts
Availability : Commonly available throughout year
Uses indoors : Specimen plant on table when small, or on floor when larger in lounge, dining room, bedroom or office
Other varieties : H. a. ‘Geisha Girl1 - compact habit; more rounded green leaves, H. a. ‘Variegata’ - yellow and green variegation