Free Nerium Oleander Hybrids Plants

acalypha hispida plant
An attractive, colourful plant that flowers freely throughout the summer. The large, occasionally fragrant blooms are borne in clusters above the lance-like leaves. Several varieties are available, producing pink, white or rose-red flowers. The disadvantage of the Nerium is that all parts of the plant are extremely poisonous, so it should be positioned well out of the reach of children. Provided this safety requirement can be met, it makes an ideal subject for a conservatory, porch or windowsill. In the summer, the plant will benefit from a spell outdoors. The Nerium is easy to propagate, from tip cuttings, although it is advisable to wear protective gloves when doing so or otherwise tending to the plant.

Plant type : Flowering plant with erect habit
Season of interest : Summer
Size : 30-150cm (12—59in)
Flower : 2.5cm (1 in) across, pink, occasionally white or rose-red, in clusters of six to eight
Leaf : Lance-like, 10-15cm (4-6in) long, dark green
Temperature : 15-2TC (59-70°F)
Aspect/Light : Full sun
Humidity : Moderate
Watering : Evenly moisten compost in spring and summer, allowing to dry a little before re-watering; keep on drier side in autumn and winter
Feeding : Once every two to three weeks with flowering plant fertilizer in spring and summer
Propagation : Plant 7.5-15cm (3-6in) tip cuttings in seed and cutting compost, or place in water, at 20-21°C (68-70°F) in early summer
Potting : Houseplant potting compost
Problems : Scale insect, mealy bug, aphid
Availability : Occasionally available from late spring to early summer
Uses indoors : Windowsill, conservatory or porch, but well away from children