Free Saxifraga Stolonifera 'Tricolor' Plants

acalypha hispida plant
The Saxifraga is attractive to display as a hanging plant, although its habit is not the most tidy and compact. The non-variegated form, S. stolonifera, has green and silver foliage and is much more dense, growing with greater vigour. Both forms are highly attractive to aphid (greenfly) and mealy bug, which freely attack them and can be a problem indoors all year round. The plant has an added interest in the way it propagates itself by producing young plantlets on the fine red runners. It is a useful hanging basket plant for a position with limited exposure to sunlight.

Plant type : Foliage plant with trailing habit
Season of interest : All year round
Size : 15cm (6in) with 45-60cm (18—24in) trails
Flower : Small white flowers in summer
Leaf : Rounded, 2.5-7.5cm (1—3in) wide, pinkish cream and green variegated on red stems and trails
Temperature : 10-18°C (50 — 64°F)
Aspect/Light : Well-lit position, with limited sunlight
Humidity : Moderate
Watering : Evenly moisten compost in spring and summer; water only enough to prevent drying out in autumn and winter
Feeding : Once every four to six weeks with houseplant fertilizer in spring and summer
Propagation : Gently push plantlet into pot of houseplant potting compost while still attached to runner; cut off 5cm (2in) plantlet and push into pot of compost at 15-18°C (60-65°F) in mid spring to early autumn
Potting : Houseplant potting compost
Problems : Mealy bug, aphid
Availability : Commonly available throughout year, particularly spring and summer
Uses indoors : Good plant for hanging basket in situation with limited sun
Other varieties : S. stolonifera - green and silver; more vigorous and dense