Free Azalea Plants

Azalea is one of the most beautiful flowers that have the symbol of womanhood and beauty along with a touch of softness. It comes from the Rhododendron family but it also falls in the category of a shady bush that is smaller and shades its leaves after the bloom time ends. Azalea falls in the category of shrub plant and grows up to the height of 60cm tall. The bloom is funnel shaped and contains five stamens.There are varieties of azalea. It comes in a variety of beautiful colors such as white, purple, yellow and pink. It is one of the plants that grows without much delay and requires a well drained soil to grow and it is important that we take good care of this plant by giving good amount of fertilizers. It is important to protect this plant from diseases. There are different types of Azaleas that appear in different colors and sizes such as flame creeper, sweet September etc to name few.

When to plant and the ways to take care of Azalea : If you are planning to plant azalea, my suggestion is that you plant this plant during the early fall or in late spring. If you are planting this plant in winter, give a little extra care. It is good that you plant this plant in a shady location but some species of azalea grow best in full sun. Like all the other plants that grow well in a well-drained soil, azalea grows best in a well-drained soil so that the flow of air is at its best. The soil need to be rich with humus and acid. Growing this plant in an acidic soil is a must. It is not suggested that you provide fertilizer to this plant since the decaying mulch of pine, oak leaf mold etc decays to form enough manure for these plants. Give enough water to this plant for it requires good amount of water to thrive. The leaf turning yellow before time is the reason behind lack of water.

If you are planning to fertilize this plant for the best possible outcome, the right time to carry out this task is after the bloom fades in spring. Applying fertilizer in winter means you are spoiling the plants ability to thrive in the winter dormancy; the plant will decay or get damaged in winter.

Habitat : It is prominently known that azalea is a plant originated from Thailand and China. Today, they are hugely known and found almost all around the world. They grow mostly in the wild jungle where they get proper sunlight as well as some amount of shade during some part of the daylight. The best time for their growth is the spring month. If you are trying to plant this plant, the soil needs to be acidic in type, well-drained along with good amount of light and very little shade availability. Applying fertilizer before the bloom will encourages unnecessary growth of weeds around the surrounding areas. It is important to make the right choice of environment selection for the growth of azalea for instance, planting this plant towards the northern part is important and avoiding it from the direct afternoon sunlight is equally important.

Propagation : It is possible to propagate Azalea from the method of seeding, grafting and cutting. Most of the gardeners prefer to plant Azalea from a seed and later transplant it in other areas of the garden preferably during the spring months.

Azalea in pot : It is possible to plant azalea in a pot provided that the pot is big enough. Keep them in a partial shady location and provide right amount of water every morning and evening.

Attacks : The plant is often attacked by the soil-borne fungus called phytophthora and an insect called lace bug. These problems in Azalea can be avoided or protected from the use of insecticides and pesticides as per the suggestion of the agriculturists.

Requirements :

1. The plant requires right amount of sunlight i.e. not too much, not so little. The best location to plant this plant is facing east and north.

2. Acidic soil is a must for the proper growth of Azalea.

Uses: Azelea has the flowery potential to beautify our gardens. It turns into a beautiful bouquet when worked by the flower man. This plant is currently found all around the world and has been recognized by people through its beauty.