Free Bamboo Palm Plants

There are hundred species of the bamboo plant. The plant is named as bamboo plant since they have ring in their trunk. It belongs to the genus Chamaedorea which are native to Central America and Mexico. Bamboo palm height strongly depends upon the amount of light it receives. The plant can grow as tall as 4-12 feet when provided good amount of light and it will grow up to 3-5 feet when planted in a low conditioned room or environment. The plants belonging to this species are also called pinnate leaf palms, suckering palm and even feather leaf. The suckering palm has around three trunks or some more. It is the classic bamboo palms that have the suckering characteristics. Its trunk is thin. It is very easy to find bamboo palm. The gardeners, in order to make the plant grow faster, plant it in a well lighted environment and once the plant has grown well, they move them indoor. The plant also has the ability to withstand freezing temperature but in the process the leaves will turn brown get worn and it will show up again once the freezing month fades off.

Planting guide /Care : It is not difficult to grow bamboo palm. Make sure the soil is well drained and has adequate room for the roots to spread around as they grow in the pot. You are suggested to provide good fertilizer to this plant for at least three times a year and especially during the active growing months. Providing indirect light for this plant is enough for the best growth of the plant. Spray mist of water to the leaves. Once the plant is well fixed in the pot, you are suggested to give good amount of water but nothing in excess, keep it in a proper sunny location but avoid direct sunlight as far as possible.

There are lots of beautiful plants outside the house and lots of people do wish to bring them inside their living room for the decoration purpose. But caution please, not all these beautiful plants out in your garden can be brought inside the room, plants have their own specific needs based on light condition, temperature and some more.

Bamboo palm is not a fussy plant after all. You can happily bring this plant indoor and it will brighten up your home with a touch of nature. The plant can thrive even in a low lighted room. But before keeping the plant indoor, it is suggested that you choose a healthy plant to keep indoor.

While choosing a pot to plant bamboo palm—you will need to purchase a pot that is around 2 or more inches larger than the normal pots.

On the other hand, if you wish this plant grow taller, then you will need to provide good amount of light for its maximum growth.

The plant requires good quality humus rich soil for its max growth and providing the plant with granular fertilizer during its growing stage.

Once the plant has grown large, you will need to re pot the plant. Make sure you check for mites which usually dwell under the leaves. In case of mites attack, wash away the mites from the leaves with soapy water.

Leaves : Bamboo palm is greatly known by the structure and color of its leaves: the leaves come in a parallel structure and has dark green leaves. Be careful not to buy the plant for example, when the leaves have turned brown or has weathered away.

Flowers : The male flower of the chamaedorea tend to spread more compared to the female flowering plant. These flowers appear in yellowish color and has a fine aroma.

Pot : When it comes to planting a bamboo palm, you need to be able to choose the most right pot. The pot for a bamboo palm is usually 2-3inches larger than the normal pot. Also keep in mind, the pot needs to have sufficient number of drainage holes. So, when you are stuffing the pot with the best quality compost manure rich soil, keep an old cloth in the inside of the pot with an aim to avoid the soil from falling out of the drainage holes.

Uses : Bamboo palm is a wonderful household plant. This plant has the ability to beautify any house with its evergreen palm structured leaves (parallel veined). It especially looks wonderful when planted in a colored or simple pot. The plant is mostly used for the decoration purpose. It is often visible in the big shopping malls, inside the home and offices. It is easy to take care, tolerates home temperature, needs less sunlight and purifies the home air. One of the most wonderful features of the bamboo palm is that this plant serves as the beautiful indoor household plant. Chamaedorea erumpens is best for this purpose.

Bamboo palm acts as the natural defense to the indoor air pollution caused by plastics, perfumes, gas, insect repellents, soap etc. It purifies the air naturally removing the harmful toxins. It releases oxygen that makes breathing easier. It also works as a natural humidifier. The yellowish flower of the bamboo palm produces fine aroma.

Summary : Bamboo palm prefers to grow in partly sun and partly shady environment. It is commonly taken as the shrub, tree or even a houseplant. It grows up to the height of 1-19 feet and has width of 1-10 feet. The height and width of the plant mainly depends upon the kind of species. For instance, Chamaedorea seifrizii has the height of 8-10ft and width of 5-7ft. Cat palm. Cauqui palm, Dwarf bamboo palm, Hardy bamboo palm, Miniature fishtail palm, pacaya palm, parlor palm and velvet palm to name few.