Free Geranium Plants

In this Earth,a wide variety of living and non-living things, some of which have made the earth look ugly and some of which have added to the beauty of the earth. Every living thing and every non living thing on earth has its positive and negative aspects and this is the universal truth. Accordingly, there are various things that make the earth beautiful, even though various types of bad things make the earth ugly. The positive aspects always help to make our earth beautiful, charming and attractive means To enhance the beauty of the earth, the nature plays the vital role. So today we are going to talk about the most beautiful, easy to inflorescence and colorful flower ‘Geranium’, the flower that blooms all around us.

There are plethora varieties of this flower,this flower can be planted in the garden, on the roof of the house, on the window, on the balcony or in any place where it suits to us. It can be planted from seed. If the seedling is 2 or 3 years old, it can be cut and planted again. September, October and November are considered to be the appropriate times for planting as the weather is neither hot nor cold. This seedling grows and thrives easily and it does not need any especial care. Only when it is planted, the soil needs to be loose and light. When this flower plant is planted by mixing 35% coco peat in the soil, it thrives fast. Coco peat works to soften the soil and to keep it dry,it helps the flowering plants to germinate better and grow faster. When planting in flower pots, it is best to use an earthen pot rather than a plastic one because plastic pots make the soil more moist which is not suitable for this flower but the earthen pot does not have this problem.

In order for Geranium to germinate and thrive, the soil must be exposed to sunlight. It must be exposed to the sun for 4 to 5 hours a day but if the day is more sunny then It has to be moved to the shade, so the moderate winter and the moderate heat of the sun is its best climate.

When watering this flower, it is suitable to apply it once in a week. Literally this flower needs to have a good balance of water, soil, air, sunlight etc, then this flower will bloom as beautifully as we thought.

The biggest enemy of this flower is the Mealy Bug. This problem can be complicated if we do not consider the insect infestation on its leaves. Its roots, leaves and branches are all soft and tender, so it can be attacked quickly by this insect. Spraying Neem Oil on a daily basis in the morning or evening can get rid of this problem. If we use Neem Oil in the starting time of infesting, no insects including Mealy Bug can infest it, so we have to pay close attention to this if such things started happening.

Geranium seedlings and seeds can be easily found anywhere or even seeds can be formed from each of its flowers after flowering. It is useful to keep the formed seed safe for the next time. The flower usually blooms in white, red, pink, orange and purple colors etc but its leaves are round and star-shaped. Previously confined to the garden, this flower can now be seen on the roof and balcony of every house, which enhances the beauty of the house. This flower that blooms in the garden not only enhances the beauty of the home but more than that, it enchants the people who love flowers.