Free Jade Plants

The jade plant also known as the money plant is a popular indoor plant. The plant has a succulent leaves that gives an extra decoration to a room environment. If you are a plant lover, you need to have at least one jade plant at home. This plant is easy to take care of and has a lasting effect. For instance, the leaves of jade plant are puffy and succulent which makes the plant have a green leaf most of the time. This green and shiny leaves is the major beauty of this plant.

The jade plant has its origin beginning in the China. It is believed that the money plant helps bring the humans close to nature and a symphony of harmonious living is created.

The jade plant is found to have a life span as that of an average human being. It grows as tall as 4 feet to12 feet in height. The jade plant can spread quite well from 1meter to 3feet in width. You can plant the jade plant in a small or average size pot and as the plant starts growing in size, you can repot the plant.

Stem : The stem of the jade plant is somewhat similar to that of the branches of trees. This texture of maturity starts as the plant starts growing older. The newer stems are as pure and glossy as its leaves. It is the aging time that turns the fresh stem into brown and woody. This plant is in its best growing stage during the early months or years of its life and gradually the speed of its growth is lessened during its maturity stage.

Leaves : Are you looking for a fresh, glossy and green leaves? It is good to pick jade plant. The leaves will have a lasting green effect due to its succulent nature. This glossy leaves looks wonderful when kept on your office table or near the window. People mostly use this plant for the decoration purpose on a table. As the plant gets older, it is kept as the side of a room because of its growth in size and change in texture. The leaves when exposed to an access amount of light will turn yellowish and red towards the edge.

Flower : It is quite hard to imagine a jade plant giving rise to a flower. But the plant when provided with the right supply of good light, water and compost manure gives rise to small white flowers. The bloom is often seen during the autumn and winter months.

Uses : The jade plant is mostly used as an indoor plant. It is often visible in the shops, banks, offices and inside the room. This is because the plant has high tolerance power. It can withstand hot air as well as artificial light, it can survive in the shady environment and looks wonderful wherever it is kept.

People often use this plant to gift couples during their wedding time. Jade is used as a present mainly because of its longevity. You will get to see your gift fresh and live even after several years of their marriage.

In another occasion such as house warming time, this plant is taken as a gift. This plant symbolizes richness and better life experience.

Growing tips : The jade plant has lesser requirements as compared to most of the other houseplants. This plant does not look for a humid environment and has natural feeding habit.

Watering : The jade plant will require some amount of water for its good growth. However access watering will give wrong result. This plant is succulent in nature and can survive in areas where it receives less amount of water. It is good not to leave the plant dry during the winter months but do not over water.

Light : Light is the major essence for the proper growth of any kind of plants. The jade plant can grow well in an environment where it receives natural amount of sunlight. This plant can also survive in areas where it receives artificial light.

Temperature : The jade plant grows well in a well ventilated room. Make sure that the temperature is below 10 degree Celsius.

Repotting : The jade plant is satisfied staying in the same pot. Which means that repotting is not that big a deal when it comes to proper growth of this plant. However, it is good to repot this plant once in around two to three year time because over the year, the plant will keep on growing in size and the size of the pot may not be fit for the plants best growth. The best time to repot this plant is in the spring months. Make sure that the pot is filled with soil rich with compost manure or is a humus rich soil. You will need to be cautious not to water in access until the leaves starts to appear on the surface of the pot.

Propagation : Most of the indoor plants grow through the propagation method. The jade plant grows through the cutting method of propagation. You can propagate this plant through the method of stem cutting and also through the leaf cutting method. If you are choosing the leaf cutting method, make sure that the stem part of the leaf is attached to the soil. Also make sure that you provide the best necessity of the plant such as manure rich soil, indirect sunlight and keep the soil moist during the active growth season of the plant. The plant will grow into its newest self within few weeks time and you can make this fresh growth a gift to your family and friends.

The process to stem cutting method is similar that of the leaf cutting. Most of the gardeners prefer stem cutting to the leaf cutting as there is more chance of good growth when it comes to stem cutting.

Pests : The jade plant is often attacked by pests such as aphids and mealybugs. The attack is mostly seen in the leafy parts of the plant. You may want to get rid of the pests by spraying some chemicals but make sure this is not your first choice. The jade plant is sensitive to chemical products.

Mishaps in a jade plant : Over the process of growing, you will see some signs of not so good growth in the plant. For instance, the plant will appear weak, the leaves turn yellow and shriveled and the stem starts to show some signs of rotting. The best thing you can do the avoid these forms of malfunction in a jade plant is by making sure that the plant receives good amount of light, provide average water to the plant and making sure that you do not overdo. In case of the plant rot that is usually caused by access cold weather or access amount of watering, make sure that you cut out the rotten parts of the plant or start acting upon the propagation method of plantation.