Free Lady Palm Plants

Lady palm or Rhapis excelsa is a widely used indoor plant that has applications both at home and outside of the home environment. This plant can grow in a proper manner in both tropical and sub-tropical environment. This means the plant can grow well in any parts of the world that has tropical to sub-tropical climate. This plant grows as tall as 14ft. It has been figured out that this plant’s rate of growth decreases as the plant is moved indoors. This is because there is less availability of light indoor.

Leaves : Lady palm gives rise to leaves with blunt tips. Thus, the plant has been named as broadleaf lady palm. As the season fades, it is natural for the leaves to turn brown and fade away. During such a time, it is always good to cut off the unwanted leaves so that the plant will look much fresh and cutting helps the plant too. The leaves will turn brownish even due to excess watering or excess exposure to direct sunlight excess fertilization. Trim the unwanted leaves.

Roots : Rhapis has strong roots which act as the best support to the plants proper growth. However, there are times where the roots are attacked by pathogens such as Rhizoctonia, Pythium etc. During such time of fungus attack, it is good to use root fungicide to prevent further attack.

Growing : It has been found that the lady palm grows well in a variety of environment and can adapt to a variety of climatic changes, different environments and soil variations. When it comes to the time of purchasing this plant, you will find it a bit expensive. This is because, the plant has longer life compared to the other plants. It will live for approximately 7 years if you provide the necessary conditions for its healthy growth.

Growing lady palm is not a big deal. As we know that the lady palm grows in different environment, it will grow in different locations. It grows both indoor and outdoor.

Temperature : Lady palm is hugely found growing in the tropical climatic zones. It has been found growing in temperature of 16 through 27 degree Celsius. It can tolerate well in dry climate as well as humid climates.

Light : Light is the key to every plants growth. Light is the health and vitamin to a plant. Thus, it is important to give good light to a plant as per their need. When it comes to providing light for a Rhapis plant, keep in mind that this plant loves bright light but prefers to grow in an environment where there is availability of indirect sunlight.

Watering : Lady palm needs through watering. It is the lover of moist soil and the roots needs to be drenched in water for that the water flows to every parts of the plant through the roots. Lack of water will show symptoms related to drying of leaves and graying of the foliages. Also keep in mind that excess watering can lead to the plant death through the root rot.

Soil : It has been the notion for all the gardeners to have the right kind of soil for the proper growth of any plant. When it comes to growing a lady palm or selecting a lady palm, this plant has the ability to adjust to any type of soil but the soil needs to be well-drained. Lady palm has a strong root and it plays a vital role in the plants proper growth. Thus, you will need to make sure that the soil is well covered when it comes to plantation of lady palm. Covering the roots well into the soil will help retain proper moisture. Although this plant can grow in any type of soil, you are always suggested to make the soil healthy by adding the right amount of compost manure for the plants proper functioning to healthy plant life. Compost manure can also act as the plants substitute to vitamin.

Fertilization : Lady palm has a slow growth compared to the other plants. Since the growth is slow, it requires less amount of fertilization. In case of lack of fertilization, the plant will show some signs of yellowish color in the leaves. This can be corrected by giving the right amount of fertilizer to the plant in a proper time. Proper green leaves indicate that the leaf is healthy and is receiving the right amount of fertilization and the required ingredients for its proper growth. It is good to use pure water when the right kind of fertilizer is not available. This can also help in the plants proper growth and at times act as the plant substitute to fertilizer.

It is said that the African violet potting mixture serves well for the plants right growth. Nothing in excess works well for any kind of things, thus, you are suggested not to over fertilize your plant which may result out to some harm to the proper functioning of the plant.

Care : Lady palm care is not a tiring process. It grows well as the care is to its required need. Taking proper care to this plant will definitely ensure healthy growth and the plant will thrive for many years with due care.

This has its own special and unique elegance. An elegance that is pretty different to the rest of the other plants. It grows as tall as 12 ft if planted in the open space other than inside a confined container. It is important to keep in mind that this plant grows well when you keep it in an environment where it can receive indirect light. Keeping or locating the plant in an east facing window will do good for the plants growth. We all are aware that water is a must for every species of the plant kingdom as the rest of living kingdom follows through. The same applies to the need of lady palm. While you water this plant, make sure that the water that flows through the pot holes into the saucer is trashed out. This will help prevent plant rot. Also, this plant requires less watering during the winter months.

When it comes to repotting this plant, it’s a good idea to opt for repotting once in two years time. Repotting benefits the plant in a lot of ways. For instance, when you repot this plant, the plant will get to grow in a fresh and healthy soil. Repotting gives the plant a chance to grow in a pot that is fairly large. The plant will get better space to spread its roots and the rest of the plant parts and will give rise to healthy plant.

Pests : One of the most common problem found in a lady palm is the scale on the leaf. This scale can be harmful to the plant. An insecticide like malathion can prove helpful. It is often suggested not to spray this insecticide in the hot summer days, mornings should work fine for the plants proper growth. If you are not sure about what kind of insecticide to use, it is a good advice to consult a nursery owner or someone who has been working for a long time in plantation.

Propagation : Lady palm grows through both division method and at times through the seeding method of propagation.

Uses : Lady palm has a good use of being a natural air refresher or cleaner. This plant keeps the room environment more lively and happy. This plant has an indoor plant beauty, thus, the plant is planted indoor. It makes the home environment nature friendly. Also, this plant gives rise to wonderful yellow flowers. It adds an extra texture of beauty. This plant can grow outdoor as well. In an outdoor atmosphere, this plant appears beautiful and adds wonder to a beautiful landscape.