Free Moth Orchid Plants

The moth orchid which is also known as Phalenopsis orchid is taken as one of most used orchids and very popular house plant. This plant grows in a warm temperature and has a lasting bloom when the needed conditions for its proper growth are well fulfilled. The minimum temperature that this plant can withstand is 16 degree Celsius.

This plant has the ability to grow from 8 inches to 1ft tall. One of the main reasons of moth orchid being a common plant is because it grows every year, produces one of the most welcoming bloom and has a huge production. Your best part for this plant is to provide good amount of moisture, water timely, and making sure that the plant receives warm light and air. You will experience having this plant around from winter, summer and spring. After the good bloom gets over, this plant will start to develop newer roots and leaves preparing it for the next phase of growth. The amount of water required by the moth orchid depends mostly upon the surrounding environment’s climatic condition. Thus, you will need to consult the gardener or the florist about the requirements by this plant.

Flower : The moth orchid is greatly known by its wonderful colored bloom. It comes in different color—white, yellow, purple, yellow, pink, striped or spot etc. The bloom comes in 5.1-10.2 cm in size. It is a beautiful bloom and can number between 3-20 flowers. The bloom in moth orchid can be seen all year round at some places where the plant is well tended.

The moth orchid flowers are the once that has the longest bloom life—it has been found that this plant blooms for around three months or longer. Once the bloom is over, it is good to cut off the flower stalk. This will allow new shoots to grow. There are some incidences with the moth orchid where this plant will take longer time to bloom. During such a time, you will need to reduce the temperature to around 5 degree Celsius. In this way a flower will shoot out after a couple of weeks of time.

Roots : The roots of a moth orchid have strong attachment to the ground or soil or rocks. It is through the roots that this plant receives underground moisture. It is important that you choose a healthy rooted moth orchid before plantation. A healthy root is usually silvery green and has bright green tips. Do not choose roots that appear brown or even squishy.

Growing moth orchid : Comparatively, it is quite challenging when it comes to growing the moth orchid. There are certain things to keep in mind when you grow this plant. For instance, be wise in your choice of the plant before planting. You are always suggested to choose a plant that has strong and thick roots and has a shiny leaves.

Although it is not needed that you cut away the plant, it is good to cut out the spikes once it turns brown at some point during its growth. Cut only the weak brown spikes. Cutting the spikes will make the plant work an extra mile with more energy. This extra push of energy will make the plant to grow healthier and produce more fresh blooms.

Care : Having a house full of flowers is super welcoming not just for us but also for our guests. The moth orchid is a commonly used house hold plant. This plant will give rise to wonderful looking bloom of different colors if you take good care of it. So, all you will need to do is to make sure that the necessary requirements for this plants growth are fulfilled well.

Taking good care of moth orchid is definitely the solution to have good outcome.

In general, you are suggested to water this plant at least once a week. Make sure that the leaves are kept dry and the soil has a good drainage hole. Protect this plant from direct sunlight. It has been found that this plant tend to die out if the temperature is lower than 17degree Celsius.

Water : Moth orchid are wild plant, it has deep attachment to the surrounding rocks and are attached to the soil in a deeply rooted manner. With this being said, the plant has natural source of moisture as the deep ground beneath.

Thus, when it comes to watering a moth orchid, you are suggested not to overwater the plant, it is okay to water once in a week time. Overwatering can be the reason for its early death. Under watering also harms the plant making it appear weak and brittle. Once you start plantation, leave the plant dry until you see a new root appearing in the plant. It is suggested that you start watering the moth orchid only after the plant starts giving rise to a small green leaf. This process helps the plant develop a strong root. As you water the plant, make sure that you leave the leaves dry as far as possible. This keeps the plant away from getting rotten.

Correct location : When it comes to planting math orchid, it is equally essential that you maintain correct location in order to have the right result to the right bloom. Thus, during the initial stage of its growth, you can keep the pot inside your bathroom that will have more humid environment. Also, the plant will grow better with an added amount of light. Never choose a shady location for moth orchid. The plant will not thrive under a 62 degree temperature.

Caution : In your process of feeding this plant, keep in mind that food that uses urea in the production of nitrogen needs to be avoided.

Light : As you already have knowledge that the minimum temperature that this plant can stand is 16 degree Celsius. Keeping this in mind, you need to be aware that this plant needs a warm temperature to survive. This plant grows throughout the season. Thus, it is important that a good lighted location be chosen during its active growing stage. It is suggested to choose either east or a west facing window or location when it comes to growing this plant. Although good light and warm temperature is needed by this plant, excess of sunlight can be harmful too. Thus, during the summer months, it is good to choose a shadier location. You will need to keep the leaves clean because the dust on the leaves often blocks the light from entering the foliage.

Temperature : The moth orchid is a great lover of warm temperature unlike most of the other indoor plants that would prefer growing in a shady location. Thus, make sure that this plant receives a day temperature between 19 to 30 degree Celsius and a night temperature ranging16-19 degree Celsius. This plant will grow all year round if you maintain a warm temperature as per above.

Repotting : Repotting of the moth orchid is very common and it can be done any time you prefer. The moth orchid roots have deep attachment to the sunlight. Keeping this in mind, it is good to choose a transparent/clear pot for this plant’s proper growth through abundant light reaching the roots. The best time to repot this plant is once you find the plant has grown oversized or that the pot is too small for the plant. If you have left the plant to grow in the same pot with same soil for more than one year, than it is time that you repot your moth orchid. Repotting gives rise to a healthier growth. As you choose soil, buy soil that is rich with orchid compost. Also as you repot, make sure that the roots of the plant is healthy with thick roots and lush green leaves. As you water the plant in the pot, make sure that the pot plate is emptied well else the plant will easily rot out.

Reblooming : Please do not throw away the plant once the bloom stops and the plant stops growing with the season end. You will have a little work at hand, all you will need to do is to leave the plant in the pot at a location where it can receive warm light but not direct light and is kept away from direct rainfall.

Propagation : Like most of the indoor plants, it is possible to propagate the moth orchid plant. A small node starts growing from its stem. We can use these nodes in plantation. Make sure that the pot is rich with orchid compost.

Pests : The moth orchid is often attacked by slugs, snails and mealy bug.

Uses : The moth orchid like all the other orchids has decorative uses. It is often seen in the pots at home, in the garden, in a hanging pot and it looks wonderful with its most amazing kind of bloom. Although little care is required by this plant, gardeners often say that it is easy to grow a moth orchid and at the same time have a beautiful home.

This plant is used for the medicinal purpose as well. But recently, the medicinal uses of this plant have been declined because not much uses of this plant have been figured out scientifically.

It is the Chinese doctors who frequently use this plant for medicinal purposes. They use this plant in treating cancer, strengthening eye sight and immune system. The patents suffering from the above symptoms are often suggested to drink moth orchid tea.

Around 60 species of moth orchid has been found and over the years, this plant has been highly hybridized. Its hybrids come in with white bloom, mixed yellow and white bloom, pinkish white bloom to bluish white bloom. Most of the people pick the hybrid version of this plant because it appears more wonderful.