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History: The season of spring is always covered by various flowers in the world. One of them is a flower of DAFFODIL. Since the human's forester civilization daffodils are blooming on the earth usually. The earliest record of the daffodil was mentioned about two or three hundred BC ago. The first writing of the daffodil was Mohammed about 6th century somewhere. However around 1629 AD, an Englishmen's group took the daffodil out of the weeds and put it on the garden. The garden daffodil's ancestors were come from the Mediterranean Sea, such as Spain, Portugal, and Middle East and such as turkey. The Latin's narcissus knows after daffodil in Greek mythology. The Greek called the flower narcissus because of its scent and they associate with Hades. It was around 1669 AD first find the daffodil in Garden of Eden. Every flower and every plant has their own fittest history. The histories are confusing and contradictory. But they are always fascinating without mentioned of it's past

Classification: In 1884, daffodil's first conference was held in Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). The conference was declared many things about daffodil. Daffodil is come from the Amaryllidaceous family. Daffodil's genus is Narcissus and it's a monocot plant. They can live very short trim in nature. They can bloom in mountain region, Not in hilly and not in the teary region. Cold temperature is needed to growing of the daffodil, but not a fridge temperature. At least 14 week's cold to need them to grow-up in the soil. Then we can have grows the daffodil's plant on the garden. Early April to mid may millions Daffodil of every color every shaped and size are available in the mountain region. Once they are finished the blooming, we have to cut them and store in the cold and when again becomes a winter we can replant in the fall. Daffodil's Sid is daffodil itself. Daffodil's food is bone meal specially. The RHS and internationa l daffodil Registration are playing a vital role in promoting accuracy, uniformity and stability in the naming of narcissus. Daffodils are growing easily in grassy area. In brief oxford dictionary is described about the daffodil; "this is a spring bulb with yellow trumpet-shaped flower ". In Nepal Daffodil is known by named with "gunkeshari".

Variety: In every spring of the gardening there are many kinds of daffodil are blooms. They are blooming in every size, every color, every flower style and each individual tastes. We can find daffodil's classic blooms with long, imposing trumpet and rich gold; white, pink, orange-red and yellow color is most popular. Some are with doubled color like twisting together. The garden sports are declared about daffodil's variety in to two ways. The hoop petticoat daffodil bears flower that consist of a tinny, puffy yellow trumpet. Angel's tears daffodils are blooms little bell-shaped cup with backswept petals. By last count daffodils are over 26000 varieties including Narcissus poeticus.

Ordinary uses of daffodil: Daffodil is very famous flower for the gifting to some one special. A yellow Daffodil is symbolizes a rebirth or a new beginning. It is the sign of the real friendship, chivalry and the hope. The daffodil is the recognized flower to celebrate a ten year marriage (weeding) anniversary and birth flower of the month of March. In Nepal in the mountain region, when someone liking you and loves you he/she (especially man) have to put couple of the daffodil on the girl's hair bouquet. In Germany, no one gift a single daffodil because it means wrong faith to life. Whenever friendship and the love relationship are depends between two people, have to gifting couple of Daffodil flower. When I get couple of Daffodil from someone it means of course he is like me. So that Daffodils is very importance to get feelings and express our emotion to our special relationship. Christian often uses daffodils to symbolize both Christ's death and resurrection.

Medical Uses: Daffodils are natural herbal also. Many people have a different idea to get it as a medicine. Some people said that the Daffodils are modern herbs. It has honey so that, Bee can pull some honey from the Daffodil and make a sweet honey for people. Natural honey is best to our health. Even we can use to drop Daffodil's honey directly in the ear, when we get the pain in ear. The science is believed the Daffodil is good for cancer. By the paste of its leaf we can have a charm hair and by the paste of flower we can get charming and softness in our face. Many fashion companies are developing the attractive perfume from daffodil, like body, spray room spry etc.

Conclusion: If the Rose is king of the Flower of course the Daffodil is princes of the garden. It is very sweet to see and ordinary to gift. So have a lot of Daffodil and win the nature. Save the earth because global warming is bringing day by day a lot difficult to us. Daffodil is a fact of one of them who can cares the earth. Earth is our house we have to care it. If our simple works can make earth's long live obviously we can grow the Daffodil and blooms every where. At last I can say that, once you saw it and of course you want to bloom it in your garden always. Whenever a Daffodil is not appearing in the garden, it is very incomplete.

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