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Lily of the valley is a bulbous plant native to the European countries, some parts of Asia and America. It is scientifically known as Convallaria majalis. It is a herbaceous perennial plant. They are the most commonly visible plant found in the Norhern Himisphere. It blooms in the late spring giving out beautiful white colored bloom of bell shaped. It also bears reddish orange berries. Besides, its numerous medicinal uses, one of the other special feature of this plant is that it produces wonderful sweet smelling fragrance. It is a small plant of about nine inches tall. This plant is commonly named as May lily, Convall-lily and also Our Lady’s Tears. One of the other speciality of this plant is that it is the national flower of Finland.

Leaves: The lily of the valley has two large shaped elliptical leaves of pure green color.

Flowers: Lily of the valley produces fragrance filled bell shaped white flowers.

Plantation: Like most of the other plants, lily of the valley has the same requirements when it comes to the plantation processes. It requires well drained soil with a little moisture and it is best that you plant this plant in a soil rich in compost manure, ground bark or peat moss. Make sure to plant it in a location where it is not exposed to the direct sunlight. Moderate shady location is the best one. Provide generous amount of water to the plan once the plantation thoroughly begins. After the bloom gets over, the foliage will start to yellow down but keep in mind not to cut off the bloom for it is best to keep it as it is; it helps in the photosynthesis process and prepares the plant well for the next season of good/healthy growth. Let it rest once the season gets over. It will start to show up in the next season.

So, it is also possible to plant this bulb in a container having good number of holes and  making sure that the container contains well drained soil. The container can be a pot, a barrel, a tub or an urn. Keep them in a location where they can get good amount of shade. Keep the pots watered in appropriate level.

Uses: Lily of the valley is a wondrous bulbous plant. It possesses not only beautiful outlook but also has wonderful sprinkle of uses. Indeed, almost every part of this plant is useful-the root, flower and the stem. They have strong medicinal uses. This plant has been used by the medicinal workers from the  historical times. Historically speaking, it was long used in the treatment of gout and also for strong memory or memory retain. It has been used to treat the most sensitive diseases such as heart problems- irregular heartbeat to heart failure. It has multiple medicinal uses such as the treatment of eye infections, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, epilepsy, leprosy, weak contraction during the time in labor etc. This flower is a wonder, it works magically in its own herbal method.

The reason why the lily-of-the-valley is used in curing a diseases as difficult as the heart disease is that it can actively work on the heart muscles; it works for contractions, excitability and the heart rate.  In more detailed form, it slows the heart rate and regulates the efficiency of the heart beat and is mostly used when the efficiency of the heart is not enough; when fatty deposits are found in the blood vessels.

It is well suggested that you store lily-of-the-valley in a well sealed container and keep is away from direct sunlight.

Caution: Simply learning that all parts of the lily of the valley is useful does not mean that you can use it caution free. You must know that this herb is poisonous to the one who uses it without the supervision of a skilled doctor. It ought not to be taken during the time of pregnancy plus its side effects include- trembling, restlessness, hypertension, nausea, circulatory collapse etc. Thus, you are strictly prohibited to use this on your own will.

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