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History: Unlike other flowers, Dahlia does not have a distinct history. It is not exactly known as to when the flower was discovered. Nor is it known as to what was the variety that was originally found. Dahlia is supposed to be originally found to be grown in Mexico. Thus Dahlia is believed to be native of the land Mexico. It was originally found by the Spanish soldiers as they were wandering through what was later to be known and named to be Mexico. The plant was loved and treasured by the Spanish men and other foreigners. This is how it slowly rose to fame. Dahlia was very useful to these people as it couls also be used as a food and as a store of water. Since it was also beautiful and useful, people loved this flower. The fact that the flower could be used as food specially was a discovery to these people. Thus, soon different countries started keeping different names for dahllia. While Germany called it Georgina after a scientist. Spain kept another name for Dahlia too.

The golden period of dahlia was certainly the 19th century. It was then that the people and the scientists of the world started to really appreciate and treasure the precious flower called dahlia. Almost hundred and ninety years after the finding of the flower, they were migrated to the Atlantic part of the world and adapted to the new soil. The bulbs grew well in the soil however, not during winter season. Nothing amazes the scientists and botanists as much as dahlia does. Even today, scientists and botanists can not pin the dahlias down. The genes that affect the characteristics of these flowers are very different from that of other flowers. They are the most flexible flower with the highest variety of species. They are found to have a huge array of hues of flowers and spoilage. There are so many varieties and species of Dahlia that is found today.

Types: The dahlias are known to be one of the most versatile genus of flowers. They are known to have the highest number of varieties of flowers. The species of dahlia are actually countless and innumerable. They have been known to contain a wide array of hues like white, yellow, orange, or red. They also widely vary in the types of arrangement of flowers and the types of cultivation that they need. Some of the varieties are known to be single-flowered. Single- flowered dahlia refers to those flowers that have only one ring of petal in their spoilage. They have petite flowers are not very tall, only about two and a half inches high. The most famous species of the single-flowered section is the Moonfire flower. The other type of dahlias are known as the anemone-flowered dahlias. They are known to be possessing two or more rings of petals on the flower of the plant. The plant called “honey” is an example of this kind of flower. These varieties of flowers are very attractive and elegant. The other variety of flower dahlia is the Collarette. They have two rings of petals, one is on the inside while the other is on the outside. 'Mariposa'  is one of the famous flower of this variety of flower. Cactus dahlias are very different from the rest of the varieties because they don’t contain the middle disc. These flowers gave two real e blooms .  Peony-type dahlias are those dahlias that have different, asymmetrical figure.ball dahlias are those flowers which are circular in shape. The flowers are circular in shape.

Plantation: The bulbs of Dahlia should only be grown once the frost is over. Dahlia does not like wet soil thus one should make sure that the soil is dry enough when planting the bulb. The bulbs should be kept after digging a hole of twelve inches width and twelve inches of depth. Five inches of the hole dug should be covered or filled with compost and then the bulb should be kept above it. The bulb should kept in the hole in such a manner that the pointed part of the bulb face upwards, towards the one who is planting the bulb. The bulb should then be covered with the soil. One should not forget to water the bulb thoroughly. the dahlia can also be planted in containers like vases and pots. The method of planting the plant is the same.

The method of growing Dahlia differs from one place to another, due to the temperature.

In the hot climates, the dahlia can be grown by directly sowing seeds. The seeds are just sown in the outside. These plant can be used in beddings as bedding plants. however, the seeds should be grown an inch apart.

Dahlia loves water so it should be waters once every seven days. The watering shouldn’t be thorough but deep. If the temperature is high, the flower should be watered more often.

Storing tubers: The Dahlias can be kept in the ground during the frost. It is easier to do this than anything else. However, this works only in certain conditions. The conditions are well drained soil and application of seven inches of mulch to the spot where the bulb lies. If one has these conditions set, there will be no problem and the tubers won’t hinder at all. However, there are other options to store the tubers. The bulbs should be dug out from the ground and then keep the tubers in a cool, dry place. however, this is a lot more work than jus applying some inches of mulch to the spot where the bulb lies. The bulbs or tubers that have been dug out from the ground should be cleaned  and the soil should be taken out from them. Only the tubers that have ”eyes” in them are capable of again frowing a plant out of them. All the tubers don’t necessarily have the eyes and those that don’t have the eyes are not of any use and they can be thrown away. The tubers need to be divided by cutting them into two parts. They should now possess eyes. Now they have to be stored in areas which are cool and dry.

Care: The dahlias love water. They should be watered once a week. Mulch should be applied to the spot in which the plant is about to sprout. Nitrogen should also be applied. Tall dahlias should be staked. Staking can be begun when these plants are as tall as an inch.

If one wishes to have big, big flowers then that can be achieved by taking the lateral buds off or plucking them. These buds should be taken out of the plant when they are the at big as a tiny pea. Discolored flowers should also be removed.

The plants should be looked after for the infestation of insects. Many types of pests are known to attack the flower, like aphids. Diseases can be reduced by keeping well aerated.

Slugs and snails are known to affect the dahlia. The plants should be guarded from these pests by using sprays. The perfect cut dahlias can be found when the flowers are cut during the daytime, when the sun will be shining. These cut flowers are then supposed to be kept in the jar or vase. The water should, however, be change every day. These cut flowers will then live and make one’s room look more beautiful. However they will usually die after six days.

Dahlias can be bushy, containing many, many flowers which are small in size or they can contain less numbers of flowers but bigger ones. If one wants the latter, the spent buds should be taken off the plant. However, if one wants the bushy type of dahlia, the new growth of flowers should be plucked from the flower system when the dahlia is a foot high.

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